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About colin

Born and raised in Laurinburg, NC, and currently residing in San Francisco, I've always strived to push myself creatively. whether it was drawing superheroes as a child, designing posters in college, or shaping the brand of a company as a professional. 

Creativity has been a persistent force driving what I do since I can remember. I find myself constantly critiquing things, pushing pixels around and tweaking things in my mind. Luckily, this obsession has translated into a great career as an artist, designer, and director. 

I'm currently the Sr. Art Director at SolarCity, the leading solar energy provider in the country. I've been employed there for the better part of a decade, and have seen the company grow from a couple hundred employees and a small office in Silicon Valley, to a 15,000+ army of solar energy fanatics that are changing the way energy is delivered. It's like, huge.